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Dominoes Stars is the world's largest home of online dominoes
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Dominoes Stars, Inc.

Dominoes Stars is the most important site of domino games and tournaments. The page offers a great variety of options such as: The Dominoes Stars World Championship and the Dominoes Stars World Cup.
Dominoes Stars offers the possibility of learning how to play dominoes, to improve your game and strategy, to play with people of any part of the world, to make new friends and to establish new relationships, besides earning money and prizes.

Dominoes Stars has organized as well the first dominoes tournament on line, accessible from any place across Internet. The tournaments are games for elimination that normally are played until a player has all the cards. The prizes are distributed depending on the number of participants.

Dominoes Stars always has something to offer you and it does not matter if you are looking for a bonus for inscription or if you want to register in a tournament. The professional players and the fans of the dominoes visit Dominoes Stars to test their skills and to amuse theirselves. It is granted that they obtain what is deserved.

Review summary


  • Lot of entertainment
  • Many game options
  • Great atmosphere


  • Not for all ages
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